Together   tuh-geth-er   adverb

In cooperation;  with united action;  conjointly;  to undertake a task together.

That’s what the dictionary says, but the meaning in today’s REAL WORLD has far greater significance than what the dictionary says.

I have heard that word more in the last week than I have in the last five years put together. I don’t believe that I have heard anyone speak about the current Coronavirus problem without that word being used multiple times. Everyone from our President Trump on down to our local officials keep saying “We’ll get through this “TOGETHER”. TOGETHER has become a very powerful and meaningful word. And for all of the right reasons. I have been told through the years that “there is strength in numbers”. But if you introduce TOGETHER into that phrase you increase the effectiveness of the “numbers” exponentially. There is great strength in numbers TOGETHER.

I can’t help but reflect on how many times that word TOGETHER  has had a very significant meaning. Prior to thr formation of the United States of America there were thirteen states, each operating individually with a certain degree of success. But our founding fathers with a great deal of wisdom decided to get TOGETHER  and form a union that TOGETHER was far more powerful. And a great many more illustrations could be given to prove the effectiveness of the word TOGETHER.

I certainly agree with everyone that the way to combat and diminish the effects of the CV is having a defined and concentrated effort that can ONLY be done with the cooperation of everyone TOGETHER. I have witnessed many times during the past week of people being more caring of each other and having a common goal TOGETHER. And I also believe that we will see an emergence of a more thoughtful and caring society as a result of the effort brought about by attacking this problem TOGETHER.

In the 1960’s country singer Buck Owens had a  number 1 hit song. The song reminds me of where I think we will be when this CV business is over. The song title ?

T O G E T H E R    A G A I N

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