Ever since I was a kid Spring has always meant something special to me. Certainly not as important as the Christmas Season but right up there next to it. When I was growing up it meant that we could begin to enjoy all of the outdoor activities without it being too hot and sweaty or too cold to be outdoors. It also was a turning point for the year. The air was different. The flowers, trees and grasses took on that wonderful green hue. And all was right with the world.

Then….after reaching a certain degree of adulthood (I don’t believe I have ever reached even close to full maturity) Spring had a different meaning. Oh…..It still had the same degree of change for the better. But there were different activities. March Madness, the opening of baseball’s Spring Training, the beginning of the Major Golf season, outdoor grilling and dining, and FIESTA !

Beginning a few weeks ago all of that changed with the introduction of the CV (I don’t want to use the name of Coronavirus as that is now a dirty word to me). The directives given by our Mayor, County Judge, Governor and President have led me into a different mindset, particularly as it relates to thoughts of Spring activities. The restrictions that we HAVE TO ADHERE TO eliminated the wonderful thoughts and feelings of Spring. Until………..

I went outside for a short walk and Voila ! I found that some old fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are a tonic for the soul. It also brought about the realization that THIS IS SPRING ! The only difference this year is that we are faced with a dangerous inconvenience that WILL PASS. All of the Spring activities of years past have now been POSTPONED. They are not gone forever, just postponed,  and we now have and will always have a Spring. So I leave with this thought…………

Wait.   Be Patient.   The Storm Wll Pass.  

And Spring Will Always Come.

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