Show me a person that says that he does not have any problems and I’ll show you a person that is not being honest……either with you or himself. So…let’s acknowledge that everyone has a problem, or problems.

So what do you do when you are confronted with a problem ? A lot of people just try to ignore it thinking that it will just go away. And there are those that put a bandaid on it thinking that will prolong any adverse action from being taken and hopefully it will just magically go away. Then there are those that just do something without thinking it through and in some cases that just expands the problem.

I have found that the recognition of the problem, the real problem, is about 95% of the solution. If I can find the real root of that problem then I have found that the solution becomes much, much easier to identify. So my call to action when confronted with a real problem is to determine what caused the problem, what are the alternatives to finding a solution and then confirming the identity of that problem. Once that is done a solution will appear as if it were an epiphany. But sometimesĀ  i have to really dig in order to determine what the real problem is. But when I do the magical solution appears.

So here’s the bottom line for me…..”In excess of 95% of the solution to any problem is the recognition of it”. And if you find that you need some assistance in solving a monetary problem click on the link below andĀ  YOU might find your epiphany,


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