I was in my early twenties and had sung in a couple of quartets, mostly for fun, even though The Collegiates was a really entertaining group. In fact, we had a couple of paid gigs and had a great deal of fun singing and entertaining. But that’s another story.

After The Collegiates disbanded I was invited to attend a meeting of Barbershop Quartet singers and attended several meetings and had fun singing “Barbershop”. There were three guys that were trying to form a quartet and invited me to get together with them to see if we could possibly start singing together. The bass singer was a great man that was probably in his late sixties. He had a great bass voice, in fact he had sung on Broadway and had a song written for him……”A Son Of The Sea”.

At that point in time I was habitually late. (The only thing that I think that I was not late for was my wedding.) And….sure enough I was about 30 minutes late for our first get together. Nothing was said by anyone about my being late. And we had fun singing together and decided to get together the following week

This time I was about 30 to 40 minutes late. When I arrived Sunny had this very stern look on his face and invited me to go back to another room in his home and began his lecture about being late. The main point that he made, that I have never forgotten, was that I was not wasting just one person’s time but three  person’s time. And proceeded to tell me that it was a habit that I needed to correct. Which I have done ever since then. And now I have adopted this:


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