I have found that trying to predict something doesn’t work for me. Never has and probably never will. However, I HAVE found that setting goals will give me a pretty good chance of knowing what’s going to happen. I have found that setting REALISTIC goals and then following them gives me a pretty good chance of meeting those goals. (The operable word there is REALISTIC.) That’s about as close as I’m going to come to predicting anything. Maybe not a prediction in the true sense of the word but the result is the same. However, if you, the reader, wants to hear a prediction from me here it is: IF YOU WILL CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW IT WILL TAKE YOU TO A PLACE THAT WILL SHOW HOW YOU CAN MAKE A BUNCH OF $$$$$ WITHOUT INVESTING YOUR LIFE SAVINGS.  WOULD YOU BELIEVE ONLY SEVEN BUCKS ($7.00) ? CLICK THE LINK BELOW AND YOU WILL SEE THAT MY PREDICTION IS RIGHT ON.







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