This illustrates what my Father preached to me for many years. I now totally agree with him !

The KING called all of his wise men to a meeting and told them that he wanted them to compile “All Of The Wisdom Of The World” and bring it back to him.

Three years later they returned with two wagon loads of books and the KING asked them what all of the books were. The wise men said that the books contained “All Of The Wisdom Of The World”. The KING angrily said “I don’t want all of those books so go back and condense what you have done”and bring it back to me”.

Two years later the wise men returned and proudly said “Oh King, we have condensed “All Of The Wisdom Of The World” into one book”. The KING angrily replied by telling them that he now wanted them to condense that book into one sentence.

A year later the wise men returned and said “Oh King, Your request was very difficult but we have condensed “All Of The Wisdom Of The World” into one sentence. That sentence said:






Bill was my business partner for over twenty years. Great Guy. An engineer that had the appearance of being a rough, gruff person but I found early on that he was very kind and compassionate.  During those many years that we were partners we never had a cross word. Oh sure, we had some very serious discussions but never in anger in any way.

Whenever we would have one of those “serious” discussions he would usually end the conversation by saying “This too shall pass”.  And he was right. The problem that we had faced got solved one way or the other. And his prediction of “This too shall pass” came true. After Bill decided to retire and move back to his home state I found myself using his quote of “This too shall pass” whenever I was confronted with a serious problem.

But…….That works both ways, for both the BAD times and also the GOOD times. I have found that there is no flatline experience in my life. The BAD times have degrees of BAD and never stay forever. And I’ve also found that the GOOD times also have degrees of GOOD and they don’t stay forever either. And sometimes during the GOOD times something  occurs that flips the switch and I’m back in the grease again. And whenever that occurs  I always think of my friend Bill and remind myself that “This too shall pass”. And…. Whenever I am all caught up in the euphoric moment of the Good times I try to bring myself back to the realization that



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Show me a person that says that he does not have any problems and I’ll show you a person that is not being honest……either with you or himself. So…let’s acknowledge that everyone has a problem, or problems.

So what do you do when you are confronted with a problem ? A lot of people just try to ignore it thinking that it will just go away. And there are those that put a bandaid on it thinking that will prolong any adverse action from being taken and hopefully it will just magically go away. Then there are those that just do something without thinking it through and in some cases that just expands the problem.

I have found that the recognition of the problem, the real problem, is about 95% of the solution. If I can find the real root of that problem then I have found that the solution becomes much, much easier to identify. So my call to action when confronted with a real problem is to determine what caused the problem, what are the alternatives to finding a solution and then confirming the identity of that problem. Once that is done a solution will appear as if it were an epiphany. But sometimes  i have to really dig in order to determine what the real problem is. But when I do the magical solution appears.

So here’s the bottom line for me…..”In excess of 95% of the solution to any problem is the recognition of it”. And if you find that you need some assistance in solving a monetary problem click on the link below and  YOU might find your epiphany,