My name is Milton Zaiontz (pronounced just like science except you start it with a Z). I’m also known as Mister Z. This is my first blog post and I am in hopes that there will be many more in the future. The reason I say MANY more is that I am 88 years of age. Please note “88 years of age “, not 88 years OLD.  My wife and I have been married for 69 years and we have lived in the same home for 54 years.

I have had many very successful business ventures, primarily as a real estate developer,and have had my share of failures. l recently found that the real estate game should be left to others as it requires a certain degree of mobility.

I have looked at a number of  online marketing opportunities and have now become associated withe Dean Holland and his Internet Profits. I started with Dean just over a week ago and have succeeded in going through his initial training to the point that I have become a “Certified Partner”. With following Dean’s program I feel extremely confident that I will be able to achieve an earnings capacity of a minimum of  $ 10,000 per month within the next 120 days.

At the present time I am working through the program’s 30 Day Challenge. However, I am not going to take 30 days to complete this phase of the program as I want to launch my business and begin to generate some dollars into my account.

Within the next several days I will be posting to my blog with updates. In the meantime, BE SAFE AND BE HAPPY !