Saturday Morning.

Going to spend time today to learn more of the nuances associated with this business. There are also a couple of questions that I am going to ask in the exclusive Internet Profits Partners forum. Nothing really about the details of the program but asking for advice on a couple of issues.

I believe that this will be a comfortable business for me to be in. It will allow me to care for my wife and do all of her “Honeydos”. Now that I am into the maintenance and promotion of my business I am convinced that I can devote two to three hours per day and generate the profit dollars that I am seeking. I have to remind myself that three hours per day with this business is so small in comparison to the eight to ten hours [minimum] per day that I have had to spend with the other businesses that I have been in.

If you would like to know more about the Internet Profits Program please click the link below to get a free copy of Dean Hollands 20 page Affiliate Marketers Playbook.



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