At some point in time I believe that we all wonder how long we’re going to live. We all are going to ask that question, either of ourselves or of our higher power.  And you know what the answer will be ?  The inevitable answer will ALWAYS be……..Nobody on this earth knows.  And isn’t it great that we don’t know ? If we knew  most of us  would have a completely different agenda. It would force us  into making decisions based on the knowledge of our scheduled death. And maybe not in the best interests of our friends, family, community, society or even ourselves.

I believe that the realization of this fact……even though we don’t have ANY IDEA when our death is going to be, IT IS INEVITABLE . That should lead us into making decisions and living our life today as if tomorrow is going to be THE DAY. Be kinder and gentler, display the love that you have for others, whether it be for family, friends, acquaintances or that homeless guy that is panhandling on the corner. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone would adopt this philosophy and attitude ? We probably would not recognize the world in which we live.

Remember…..”Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours”.













































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