I have found through the years that I am far more efficient if I set goals for myself.  I prepare a daily list of goals that I want to accomplish for that day and mark them off as they are done. Obviously, I am unable to complete my entire list every day so I have to carry some of the items over until the next day. But eventually I am able to get everything done. I am convinced that some things would slip through the cracks if I didn’t have my daily list.

I also believe that memory declines somewhat with age, so why leave some things to memory when you  can take the stress away by preparing a list of goals for that day. Speaking of age…..I’m so old that the average age of my friends is deceased.

Don’t have a bunch of things cluttering up your memory. Become a list maker so you can get the most out of your time and be far more efficient and comfortable. If you would click on the link below you will find a way to a program that has all of the lists prepared for you. and the best part ? They also lead you to profit dollars that you can spend in the free time resulting from your list making.








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