I have found that I am more efficient with the use of my time if I make a list of the things that I want to accomplish. I do that every day, most of the time in the morning before I start my workday but occasionally I will do it the evening before. In any event, I am a list maker.

I also have found that I can have a clearer direction and be better motivated by Setting Goals. I have confirmed that I get better results from my efforts when I have set realistic goals. I spent some time today doing just that. The Power Lead System that I have joined is new to me so I did a quick tour of the program and determined a path for me to follow based on the great direction and tutorials that are in the program. They even have a book that you can download titled “Road Map To Riches”. I took the book and set a timeline goal for each chapter to be completed. If I adhere to my timeline goals I now know that in three days I’ll be on my road to success and profits with the Power Lead System.  And do you know the best part of using this program ? It complements my main program of Internet Profits. How good is that ?

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