I have finished the entire series of tutorials and have implemented all of the links as instructed. I must admit that there were a couple of challenges that were a result of my being TOTALLY NEW to this program. But all of that is now complete and I am now anxious to move forward with my business.

There are a couple of other things that I want to comment on and hope that this do not sound like I’m being paid by Dean Holland to advertise his Internet Profits Program. But in addition to the instructional videos that are the main program, there are other complete courses that are available.  They are complete  instructional videos for each topic. There are instructional videos for Traffic, their proprietary Frontio software and other sections. They even have one whole section with 13 separate instructional videos on how to best use use your computer. ALL of these  instructional videos are part of the Internet Profits Program and they are all available at no additional cost. It is apparent that  if a participant takes advantage of everything that is  a part of the program they will receive the equivalent of a college education in Affiliate Marketing.

I’m off and going to work in creating some traffic and PROFIT DOLLARS FOR ME !


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