Through the many years that I have been involved in business, primarily as a real estate developer,  I was also involved in other endeavours. I was a partner of a LARGE construction company. I was a Coors Beer distributor for a couple of years. Was in the Commercial Lighting business with my oldest son for a few years. I had a company for awhile that originated claims for property owners in settlement of completed class action lawsuits. So I’ve been around the horn.

I found that there was a common thread that ran through all of them. At the beginning of each endeavour everything looked FANTASTIC. All of the proforma projections indicated that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Entered each business with the greatest degree of optimism and ready to take each business to a new level of success.

Then the reality sets in.

The work and effort starts and continues on until the realization sets in that this is just like the last business. The rewards are directly related to the time and effort that is spent in taking this business into a profitable venture. Sometimes the road was difficult and full of pot holes. But I ALWAYS found that with the proper amount of time, effort and energy the road began to become pretty smooth. As long as I stayed the course and persevered the road led to where I had anticipated it to go. That realization has led me to adopt the philosophy that………..



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