I just attended the most inspirational webinar. Dean Holland, CEO of Internet Profits, told his story about how he went from a very unsuccessful, deeply in debt person that was trying to make his way online. And he attributes the success that he has had online with one decision that he made and that led to his having earnings in excess of $ 10,000,000. His decision was to gain access to a mentor that started him in the right direction. With some direction and continued effort on Dean’s part he grew from a one man kitchen operation to the very successful international online business that he has today. And I want to emphasize that Dean is a real, no hype, very sincere and caring person. After 88 years I believe that I can know when a person is “beating the drum” or relating true and sincere facts. His enthusiasm is contagious and I intend to take advantage of it. I suggest that you click the link below to find out about Dean and his program. You might find that it’s not for you, but if you do, it could be very rewarding. No Hype Just Facts.




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