Well…..Still making progress with the completion of the Dean Holland’s 30 Day Challenge so I can get my Online Affiliate Marketing business up and running. I only have about another couple of days of work and I should be up and at’em. Really looking forward to that as my bank account has told me that I need some additional positive activity.

I have found that the only negative in this  program is that a couple of times Dean and his associate Glenn Shepherd talk in shorthand and describe something that I am unfamiliar with. However, I have found that if I watch the video to the end of that segment it all comes together and, Voila !  now I have learned something new.

I was talking to a friend the other day and he told me that he had a little spat with his wife and she had said that he was stubborn, moody and sometimes difficult to get along with. Sounds like a description of my wife’s husband.

All for now. BE SAFE AND BE HAPPY !


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