AUGUST 30, 2019

This online marketing is something completely new to me and initially I found it to be interesting. Now, however, it is beginning to get exciting as I am now about 60% complete with the 30 Day Blueprint.   I had to take a couple of days off due to a vision problem that my Ophthalmologist corrected. Thank goodness that’s the worst health problem that I have at age 88. I am more convinced than ever that anyone can enter into the online marketing business and be successful by using Dean Holland’s Internet Profits. I have become a Certified Partner with the use of Dean’s course videos. The  information and video instructions give a person every tool that is needed. And it is not just a program that is stand alone. There are very valuable daily new small instruction videos that are conducted by Dean Holland. In fact, today’s instructional video was about something that I have maintained in my past business life. And that is to use the KISS method. For those of you that are unfamiliar with KISS it means “Keep It Simple Stupid”. I am really looking forward to completing that 30 Day Blueprint and forming my successful and profitable business. At some point in time in the near future I plan to invite you to join me and Dean Holland. That’s all for now.


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