This is being published a couple of days after my first post. Feeling GOOD today and ready to move forward with the Internet Profits Program as I am anxious to continue moving forward and creating the income that I believe can be available to me.

Spent time yesterday in moving the process forward.and frankly didn’t accomplish as much as I would’ve liked due to to some unforeseen interruptions. Had a company that tried to overcharge me for some remedial work that they did and had to spend time getting that straightened out. We had verbally agreed on a price for the work but when I received the invoice it was for 50% more than we had agreed to. So I had to spend needless time with that problem but got it resolved. Enough of that.

Now back to my work on Internet Profits. I will move forward today, however, I have found that there are areas of instruction that I am unfamiliar with. and that takes more of my time. But I am determined to complete the program and end up with everything in place as instructed by Dean Holland. I also want to prove to myself (and others) that I can complete this journey at my age.

All for now. BE SAFE AND BE HAPPY !



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