Well….it’s been a couple of days since I have written and posted on my blog. Just really busy exploring other ways to reach more people as I really want to get my message out. And, that at age 88 a person can undertake a new endeavor and make it work. Admittedly, there is so much more that I can learn about the online affiliate marketing business but while I am learning I am generating an income. How good is that ? I haven’t spent four years in college to get a degree that cost thousands of dollars to learn this business, And within the next twelve months this business will be earning as much or more than most of the people with a high powered degree. Please don’t get me wrong as I am not criticizing a college education. In fact, I would encourage anyone and everyone to spend the time and money to get that degree. But….if time has passed you by and you still have the desire to increase your earnings and have a productive life I would strongly suggest that you take a look at the links that I have provided below. They are working for me ! Why not you ? PLEASE REMEMBER, IF YOU DO WHAT YOU’VE ALWAYS DONE, YOU’LL GET WHAT YOU’VE ALWAYS GOTTEN !





 y name is Milton Zaiontz and I am 88 YEARS OF AGE. Been married to my great and lovely wife for 69 years. Lived in the same wonderful home for 54 years and if you would like to know more about my business background  go to my website and blog at and click on About Me.  I AM A REAL PERSON, NOT A ROBOT,  AND COMPOSED THIS BY MYSELF.

 My past business life was primarily as a real estate developer. The About Me in my website will show you all of the many type of projects that I developed and built. But in June 2017 I fractured my hip and that stopped my mobility and active role in real estate development. I did some consulting but that didn’t satisfy my needs for an income for my wife and me. So I searched for something that I could do online to earn some bucks. I don’t mind admitting that I tried a  GREAT NUMBER OF THINGS, TOO MANY TO BE EXACT. I found that they were all based on HYPE and not the facts as represented.

HOWEVER, I FINALLY FOUND TWO PROGRAMS THAT ARE FOR REAL THAT I AM INVOLVED IN. And the best part of the two programs is that they are complementary and not in conflict in any way, but certainly each of them can be done independently. It is strongly suggested that you take a look at each of them by clicking on the links that I have provided below. The link below that ends in 881308 is ONLY Seven Bucks ($7.00)  to get started. And the link that ends in 53373 takes you to a FREE 27 PAGE BOOK that confirms a new way to make major dollars online.

Now …..if you have read this far I want you know that I am not telling you about these programs to just promote you into something that will not be of benefit to you and make me some money. But….. If you are wanting to earn some REAL DOLLARS online the links below will save you a lot of time and will make you a bunch of Benjamins as well.

TAKE  A  LOOK.  YOU’LL  BE  GLAD  YOU  DID  !!                                      



Not “Good” Lookers or “Bad” Lookers , just Lookers. I have been somewhat concerned that I have been spending time writing this blog and nobody was looking at it. Well, Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! This morning I had several messages from people that had recently read some of my posts on here. Some of them came here as a result of some messages that I have sent out and wanted to know about the Internet Marketing programs that I am involved in. Below is a copy of the message that I sent.

GOOD MORNING !    MILTON ZAIONTZ, SR HERE. I have just recently started participating in something that I want you to know about as I FIRMLY BELIEVE that it can be very beneficial for you. This is not just my trying to hype something. And at my age of 88 I don’t have time for that. However, if it is something that you might be interested in you can also participate in it for only Seven Bucks ($7.00). I’ve spent more than that to watch a movie that I didn’t even enjoy. So I invite you to go to my blog at and click on the link that ends in 881308. That will show you what I’m talking about as it is something that I will make a bunch of money from without making a major investment. And the best part is that it is complementary to my Internet Profits program. For those of you that do not know me personally, click on About Me in my blog to see who I am.       MILTON………

The links to the programs that I am involved in are below. Take a look and you will find two outstanding opportunities to make some bucks online. As someone once said “It’s all about the Benjamins Baby “.




I have found that I am more efficient with the use of my time if I make a list of the things that I want to accomplish. I do that every day, most of the time in the morning before I start my workday but occasionally I will do it the evening before. In any event, I am a list maker.

I also have found that I can have a clearer direction and be better motivated by Setting Goals. I have confirmed that I get better results from my efforts when I have set realistic goals. I spent some time today doing just that. The Power Lead System that I have joined is new to me so I did a quick tour of the program and determined a path for me to follow based on the great direction and tutorials that are in the program. They even have a book that you can download titled “Road Map To Riches”. I took the book and set a timeline goal for each chapter to be completed. If I adhere to my timeline goals I now know that in three days I’ll be on my road to success and profits with the Power Lead System.  And do you know the best part of using this program ? It complements my main program of Internet Profits. How good is that ?

To view either of these programs to find out how YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN THESE CASH GENERATING PROGRAMS please click on the links below.




I have been working diligently on my Internet Profits and am making progress. However, as I said in my last post I have become a member of another program that compliments Internet Profits. I was talking to a friend and described my partnership in Internet Profits and that I was also implementing another program.  He commented that he was somewhat surprised at all of my business activity at my age. I couldn’t help but tell him “I am not 88 years old, I’m sweet sixteen with 72 years of experience”.

Click the links below to see the programs that I’m talking about.