Well……..It appears that I’m going to be up and running tomorrow.  There i are a couple of technical issues that I will get resolved today and then I’m going to get out into the real world of Internet Affiliate Marketing. I don’t mind saying that it has taken me a little longer than I originally anticipated as I had some unexpected distractions and interruptions that prevented me from getting to this point as  I still have a couple of real estate developments that took me away from this venture. But I believe that once I’m set up and underway that I can devote two to three hours a day and keep my business moving forward and, most importantly, PROFITABLE. Man my creditors are looking forward to that day.

A lot of people at this point would say “wish me luck”. But with Dean Holland’s Internet Profits Program luck is not involved. It is a matter of following the instructional videos and implementing his program.  No good luck wishes needed. (But you might just go ahead and wish me luck anyway.)