I have found through the years that I am far more efficient if I set goals for myself.  I prepare a daily list of goals that I want to accomplish for that day and mark them off as they are done. Obviously, I am unable to complete my entire list every day so I have to carry some of the items over until the next day. But eventually I am able to get everything done. I am convinced that some things would slip through the cracks if I didn’t have my daily list.

I also believe that memory declines somewhat with age, so why leave some things to memory when you  can take the stress away by preparing a list of goals for that day. Speaking of age…..I’m so old that the average age of my friends is deceased.

Don’t have a bunch of things cluttering up your memory. Become a list maker so you can get the most out of your time and be far more efficient and comfortable. If you would click on the link below you will find a way to a program that has all of the lists prepared for you. and the best part ? They also lead you to profit dollars that you can spend in the free time resulting from your list making.









BOY WHAT A CHANGE…..It was very warm yesterday, 94 degrees, and then woke up this am to 50 degrees. A 44 degree difference. But that’s living in San Antonio. I love it.

A lot of times life is also a lot like that…..warm, fuzzy and everything is going smoothly and in a positive direction, and then the unforeseen happens and you are faced with a cold and shivering circumstance. But like the weather is in South Texas, a person should know that with the proper and aggressive attitude that his circumstance will always recover to the comfortable and rewarding point. And as my good friend and former business partner used to say whenever a difficult  and sticky situation would arise:  “This Too Shall Pass”. And isn’t that the way it is with life ? It certainly is with the weather in South Texas.

If you are at a point in your life that you would like to find a better and more rewarding road to pursue, click the link below and see if that might be a fit.





Good Day Everyone !

I read a very extensive post by a friend f mine the other day, and the theme of it really hit home. My friend was very, very active in his daily and business life. Very successful, happily married, great business that he owned and even though he maintained this very active lifestyle he found time to originate activities that were very beneficial to his community. A very happy man.

Then as a result of his simply helping some young people retrieve a ball, he  began to experience a slight painful  physical problem. However, shortly thereafter he began to experience some more pain that grew into major pain. That led to his having major corrective surgery and that resulted in his being immobile after the surgery and will experience several months of rehab.

So what’s the point of this tale ?

As I couldn’t help but think (and that’s always dangerous) about my friend and his simple act of being helpful, that led me to realize how fragile our life is. One moment a person can be on top of the world and then, in a flash, experience something that can change the direction and trajectory of  their life. Not only is that true with our physical being but also with our mental and financial health as well.

I am looking forward to improving my financial health which will lead me to an improvement in my mental state, and I am confident that will be accomplished with my partnership in Dean Holland’s Internet Profits. Check out the link below to see what I’m talking about as it could very well change the direction and trajectory of your life.




Saturday Morning.

Going to spend time today to learn more of the nuances associated with this business. There are also a couple of questions that I am going to ask in the exclusive Internet Profits Partners forum. Nothing really about the details of the program but asking for advice on a couple of issues.

I believe that this will be a comfortable business for me to be in. It will allow me to care for my wife and do all of her “Honeydos”. Now that I am into the maintenance and promotion of my business I am convinced that I can devote two to three hours per day and generate the profit dollars that I am seeking. I have to remind myself that three hours per day with this business is so small in comparison to the eight to ten hours [minimum] per day that I have had to spend with the other businesses that I have been in.

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Well,,,,I the technical issues resolved yesterday.  And now I’m going to work.

For anyone that is curious about what I have been writing about in this blog I would invite them to click the link below and that will take you to an area that describes Dean Holland’s Internet Profits Program program that I am now a Certified Partner.