Congratulations to me ! Thank you very much.

Well, I finished all of the connections and downloads yesterday. I don’t mean for this to sound complicated but I am very pleased to have finished this segment of the journey. I have proven that a person my age, 88 years (please view my profile in About Me above, can enter into the Affiliate Online Marketing Business. However, I need to emphasize that the Internet Profits Program provides a person  with step be step instructional videos that lead to a successful conclusion.

Now I am of to start my advertising programs and am now looking forward to moving this vehicle FORWARD AND UPWARD !




Still a little warm here in San Antonio but it is beginning to feel as if we are right around the corner from FALL. But in the meantime….

Still making progress in getting my online business underway. It appears that I only have another few days and then I should have everything set up and ready to launch. A few times it has been a little tedious but I have to remember other businesses that I started and the start up periods that I experienced. This leads me to conclude that this is a piece of cake compared to my previous experiences. Please remember that I started THIS business with NO prior experience and some of the small technical problems were just that —– SMALL. But those minor glitches have been overcome by the great pleasure that I have experienced with Dean Holland’s instructional videos. OK…that’s all for now.




Well…..Still making progress with the completion of the Dean Holland’s 30 Day Challenge so I can get my Online Affiliate Marketing business up and running. I only have about another couple of days of work and I should be up and at’em. Really looking forward to that as my bank account has told me that I need some additional positive activity.

I have found that the only negative in this  program is that a couple of times Dean and his associate Glenn Shepherd talk in shorthand and describe something that I am unfamiliar with. However, I have found that if I watch the video to the end of that segment it all comes together and, Voila !  now I have learned something new.

I was talking to a friend the other day and he told me that he had a little spat with his wife and she had said that he was stubborn, moody and sometimes difficult to get along with. Sounds like a description of my wife’s husband.

All for now. BE SAFE AND BE HAPPY !




Spent time yesterday installing additional items on my advertising pages. It seems as though the instructional videos provided by Dean Holland are becoming easier to comprehend and install. However, I’m sure that I will have some difficulties along the way as this is a new venture for me. And sometimes I think that Dean and his associates are talking in shorthand as some of their terminology is foreign to me. But, I have determined that if I continue on through the training video that it all comes together at the end.

I don’t mind admitting that I was somewhat apprehensive about joining this program of Online Marketing at my age of 88 years. Can I do the things on and with my computer that can get me in the Online Marketing business and be successful at it ?  At this point in time I firmly believe that this will become a successful and, more importantly, profitable business. OK. More next time.



AUGUST 30, 2019

This online marketing is something completely new to me and initially I found it to be interesting. Now, however, it is beginning to get exciting as I am now about 60% complete with the 30 Day Blueprint.   I had to take a couple of days off due to a vision problem that my Ophthalmologist corrected. Thank goodness that’s the worst health problem that I have at age 88. I am more convinced than ever that anyone can enter into the online marketing business and be successful by using Dean Holland’s Internet Profits. I have become a Certified Partner with the use of Dean’s course videos. The  information and video instructions give a person every tool that is needed. And it is not just a program that is stand alone. There are very valuable daily new small instruction videos that are conducted by Dean Holland. In fact, today’s instructional video was about something that I have maintained in my past business life. And that is to use the KISS method. For those of you that are unfamiliar with KISS it means “Keep It Simple Stupid”. I am really looking forward to completing that 30 Day Blueprint and forming my successful and profitable business. At some point in time in the near future I plan to invite you to join me and Dean Holland. That’s all for now.